Due to increased attendance, an additional storytime will be added each week. Starting the week of August 1st there will be a storytime on Wednesdays, at 10am for 18 months-3 year olds. On Thursdays, storytime will also be held at 10am and is designed for 3-5 year olds

Drop in anytime! No registration is needed!

A short playtime follows the program.

August Crafts

Aug 2nd (@ 10am )                                   Theme: Puppies

Aug 3rd (@10am)                                      Craft: Puppies

Aug 9 12th (@10am)                                Theme: Hippos

Aug 10th (@10am)                                     Craft: Hippos

Aug 16th (@10am)                                     Theme: Elephants

Aug 17th (@10am)                                     Craft: Elephants

Aug 23rd (@ 10am)                                   Theme: Horses

Aug 24th (@10am)                                    Craft: Horses

Aug 30th (@10am)                                    Theme: Pigs

Aug 31st (@ 10am)                                  Craft: Pigs

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