Everyone knows staying at home is the right thing to do at the moment. Why not have a little fun in the process? The staff came up a BINGO game for kids, tweens/teens and adults. Click on the links below to print out the BINGO board. You will earn a raffle ticket for each BINGO achieved. This raffle ticket may earn you a prize when we reopen! Feeling ambitious? Print up and fill up as many BINGO boards as you want!

Adult BINGO game

Kid’s BINGO¬†game

Tween- Teen BINGO game

New Development-See Below

 The book drop is now closed until further notice. Please hold onto items until we reopen. DO NOT place items near the book drop, on the sidewalk, near the doors or in the mailbox. Materials could get damaged due to weather conditions or get stolen. No overdue fines will be accessed during this time.